A BookLife Christmas Story

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A BookLife Christmas Story

Santa’s workshop was home to many elves. It was usually a peaceful place to work but, in the days leading up to Christmas, two of the elves had been creating a rumpus. Their names were Giving and Getting and they had been arguing about which was more important: giving presents or getting them? Giving said that delivering presents was more important than receiving them because it was a very kind thing to do and would earn you a place on the nice list. Getting, on the other hand, thought that receiving gifts was far more important because getting presents made people happy, and isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

The rest of the elves were getting sick of Giving and Getting’s constant arguing. They had lots of toys to make and these noisy elves were not helping! Santa heard the racket and decided to settle the fight once and for all. He stormed into the workshop and pulled Giving and Getting up by their pointy ears.

“I hear you want to know which is more important, giving or getting?” Santa boomed. The elves nodded eagerly. “Well I’ll tell you. It’s neither.”

“Neither?!” The elves gasped.

“That’s right. Neither is more important because without giving there would be no getting and without getting there would be no giving.”

Giving and Getting had not thought about this. They had to agree that Santa was right. They stopped fighting and got back to their work. Luckily, all the children got their presents delivered on time that Christas.