Bringing Learning to Life in Partnership with Equity

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We all know that school trips can be some of the most memorable learning experiences around. There’s nothing like standing on the site of a great battle, training with FA coaches at St George’s park, or practising your Français at Disneyland Paris to really make a learning experience a magical – and memorable - one.

At BookLife, we put the love of learning at the heart of what we do, which is why we have teamed up with Equity, one of the largest school trip providers in the UK, to bring you this amazing deal that lets your learners get hands-on with our books before heading off into the world to see for themselves.

Book your next ski, sports or educational trip with Equity, and you’ll get a FREE book bundle, worth over £655, to fill up your library or classroom, ensuring that learning begins at home before you go away!

And Equity really know their stuff. They’ve been running trips for over 5 years, and even work on behalf of the government providing battlefield tours, as well as providing a variety of trips and experiences for schools up and down the UK since 1933. They can take care of every element of planning and booking an exciting and interesting trip – and with absolutely no hassle for you!

We think that books complement this perfectly: we can’t go on trips every day of the year (if only!) so in-between skiing in the Alps or singing the Sound of Music in Saltzberg, books can transport us to some pretty amazing places too!  That’s why we think this is a perfect partnership – so book that trip now, and get your pack, containing 59 gorgeous hardback books, including topics such as travel technology, world charities and how to survive an Ice Age!

So, what are you waiting for – whether you’re packing those bags or snuggled up in the reading corner, the only questions is: where do you want to go?