Guest blogger Kyra reviews Prince Frog Face by Kaye Umansky

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Guest blogger Kyra reviews Prince Frog Face by Kaye Umansky

Dyslexia Awareness Week - Prince Frog Face by Kaye Umansky is fabulously fun!

Prince Frog Face is an excellent book for young readers (and not-so-young readers!) that will have you chortling at the characters' antics and smiling at the magical mayhem that ensues. Not only does it contain extreme character development, important life lessons and witty one-liners - it's also dyslexia friendly!

Prince Frog Face revolves around Prince Valentine of Romantica who is seeking a girlfriend. However, after interviewing a plethora of princesses - scoring them based on their fashion, hobbies and such - and failing to be impressed, he takes a break to amble around the castle's grounds. There he meets an old woman and after chastising her and being unbearably rude, she decides to teach him a lesson - by turning him into a frog! As the Prince hops, annoys some royal ladies and adjusts to his new cravings for insects - and engages in all other amphibian activities - he learns some vital life lessons along the way!

Prince Frog Face is a magical, humorous read that people of all ages will enjoy! Not only will it's fabulously fun plot delight readers, it will also provide fantastic reading material for those who do have dyslexia. With tinted pages, a special font, and large spacing Prince Frog Face provides enthralling reading entertainment for all and ensures that no child will have to be deprived of reading!