It's #TimeToTalk!

It's #TimeToTalk!

Mental illness affects a staggering number of our children and young people. Studies show that a shocking 75% of mental illnesses begin before a child reaches their 18th birthday, putting teachers and schools on the front line when it comes to helping the next generation deal with this ever-present issue. Teachers are often not trained specifically in mental health, and need time and resources to support them in working with this issue. With 10% of children between the ages of 5 and 16 receiving a mental health diagnosis, the time to act is now.

An ever-growing number of case studies and statistics have come to light surrounding the effects of poor mental health. We value children at BookLife, so we decided to act in the way we know best: through the power of books. We teamed up with leading mental health experts to produce an essential series, Healthy Minds, enabling schools to understand and educate children on their mental health, emotions, and treatable problems.

Working closely with leading children’s mental health charity Place2Be, whose dedicated Royal Patron is HRH The Duchess of Cambridge, we have created a unique and beautiful set of books, covering all ages from 3 to 13. The books use storytelling, original illustrations, allegory and informative facts to talk about feelings, mental health, and techniques to help children cope with issues such as anger management, anxiety and OCD.

The series is divided into three distinct age brackets, and each level tackles mental health in an age-appropriate and engaging fashion.  Beautiful, engaging illustrations give the early years and key stage one books totally distinct personalities, bringing fictional narratives stories to life, allowing children to discover these issues through engaging stories and experiences. The key stage two series adopts a more photographic, ‘grown-up’ approach, presenting clear, age-appropriate facts on diagnosable mental health conditions. Each level adds a new layer of sophistication to the topic of mental health whilst promoting awareness and understanding in schools. 

 Early Years (ages 0-5)

Our early years titles introduce children to common - but sometimes difficult - emotions using heart-warming characters such as Freddie the Fox and Harry the Hamster.

Freddie the Fox Feels Frightened     9781786373700

Harry the Hamster Feels Happy        9781786373687

Anita the Alligator Feels Angry          9781786373694

Sam the Sloth Feels Sad                   9781786373670

 Healthy Minds: Freddie The Fox Feels Frightened

KS1 (ages 5-8)

At key stage one, our characters become more of a metaphor for common mental illnesses (children will learn to train their anxious rabbit or their angry bear).

Robin and the Rabbit (A Book About Anxiety)                       9781786373595

Bailey and the Bear (A Book About Anger Management)       9781786373601

Sydney and the Sloth (A Book About Depression)                9781786373588

Marley and the Monkey (A Book About ADHD)                    9781786373571

 Robin the Rabbit

KS2 (ages 8-13+)

At key stage two, our non-fiction titles discuss common mental health conditions in detail and make use of case studies with the hope that children affected by these conditions will realise they are not alone.

A Book About Depression                  9781786373410

A Book About OCD                            9781786373441

A Book About ADHD                          9781786373427

A Book About Anxiety                         9781786373434

 Healthy Minds: ADHD

The books are designed to be used in discussion with teachers and school counsellors, as well as a teaching tool for some areas of the PSHE curriculum. But mostly, we hope that any child suffering from mental health problems will have access to accurate, stigma-free and up-to-date information on the things they, or their peers and families, might be going through.


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