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Match Funding: What is it good for?

Thousands of schools across the UK are struggling to provide new classroom resources and library books for their pupils. However, we are not here just to talk about the problems, as you already know the problems. We are here to talk about the solutions. Piloted in the spring of 2017, Match Funding helped hundreds of schools increase their budgets and fill their libraries with new resources.

Match Funding works with your school budget. Whether you spend £50, £100, £1,000 or £10,000, Match Funding will double it. It’s as easy at that.

Here are some examples that can help your school achieve the most out of Match Funding.

If a school spent £1,097 on our Book Band Bumper Collection Lilac to Black, which includes 300 books, they will then have another £1,097 to spend on any of our products, for absolutely free. For this amount, they could receive the Book Bands Levels Pink to Burgundy collection, the Book Bands Gold, White and Lime collection, the Book Bands Brown to Burgundy collection and the Book Bands Lime collection. Altogether, this adds up to an extra 250 free books for the school to enjoy.    

Get 250 books free

Here is another example of how Match Funding can be used by your school to maximise your book resources.

If you were to spend £190 on our Influential Modern Authors for Upper Key Stage 2 collection, which contains 35 books, you would have another £190 to spend. This could get you the Year 5 High Achievers collection, the Year 6 High Achievers  collection and the Anthony Horowitz Collection for Upper Key Stage 2 pupils for absolutely free. Therefore, if you buy 35 books, you could receive another 36 books for free, effectively doubling your book resources.

Buy 35 books and get 36 free

We have one more example that shows how Match Funding can help your school budget go even further.

If you were to spend £52 on our David Walliams collection, which has 7 books, you could receive our best-selling Roald Dahl collection, which contains 15 books for free.

buy David Walliams books and get Roald Dahl books free

These are just some of the ways that BookLife’s Match Funding can help your school maximise its budget whilst also doubling up on book resources. One of the main benefits of Match Funding is that you can choose what book collections your school would like for free. From Book Bands to Non-Fiction Collections, we can guarantee that we have the perfect books to suit your school needs.

To get in touch about Match Funding, please call 020 7649 9565 or email


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