Our Top 10 Non-Fiction Books

Emilie Dufresne, Children's Writer and Editor At BookLife

It’s National Non-Fiction November and here at BookLife we wanted to show off our favourite non-fiction titles. Resident author and editor Emilie Dufresne picks her top ten non-fiction titles from BookLife Publishing.

Winter ISBN 9781786374059

10. Winter (All Year Round)

Coming in at number 10 is Winter from the series All Year Round. Well, seeing as it is the season for it, we couldn’t help but put this early years title in our top ten. With both pictures and vectors this unbelievably sweet title will get your little ones wanting to snuggle up in these colder months!

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WWF ISBN 9781786373151

9. WWF (World Charities)

Next we have our book on the WWF from our World Charities series. In the current climate, this book only seems to grow in importance and relevance. Produced with input from the WWF, this book reminds us the impact that non-fiction titles can have as it teaches children all about what charities are and how to look after our planet and the animals that live on it.

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A Kid's Guide To Feeling Mad ISBN 9781786374059

8. A Kid’s Guide to Feeling Mad (A Kid’s Guide to Feelings)

There was no way that these cartoon-style books couldn’t make it into the top 10. Let’s face it, we all go a bit Raging Raccoon sometimes and reading the Agents of F.E.E.L.S can help children (and adults!) to understand all of their emotions.

Gaming Technology ISBN 9781786372949

7. Gaming Technology (STEM in Our World)

At number 7 we have our book on Gaming Technology from STEM in Our World. With Professor Tess Tube at the ready to take you on adventures from using motion capture to battling space invaders, this book is sure to capture the geek in your mini gamers.

infographics Rocks and Gems ISBN 9781786374158

6. Rocks and Gems (Infographics)

Taking what might be considered a boring subject and making it interesting is something we pride ourselves on here at BookLife, and Rocks and Gems is no exception. With facts and stats being represented in the infographic style, this book shows even the most reluctant reader that rocks, well, rock!

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How to take care of your pet Pterodactyl ISBN 9781786374844

5. How to Take Care of Your Pet Pterodactyl (How to Take Care of Your Pet Dinosaur)

What parent hasn’t been asked if they could get a pet dinosaur? Well, this book will show you all the trials and tribulations this will bring with it. From feeding to flying, this vibrant vector book is all fun and games - until it tears up your sofa!

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Polluted Planet Toxic Terror ISBN 9781786375261

4. Toxic Terror (Polluted Planet) COMING SOON!

Coming soon we have this amazing creative non-fiction title. Follow the journey of the Toxlings as they try to destroy our planet with toxic waste and colonise it for their own. This book tells the tale of one girl’s battle to try and save the world. The question is, will she succeed…?

Monster Maths - Counting ISBN 9781786375797

3. Counting (Monster Maths) COMING SOON!

At number 3, we have the fuzzy-cuddly- goodness that is Monster Maths. This colourful and exciting early years title is great for getting little ones counting. It’s Addy’s birthday and she needs to make sure she has the right amount of everything for her party. Will there be enough cake?

Surviving the rise of the mummies ISBN 9781912502219

2. Surviving the Rise of the Mummies (Surviving the Impossible)

Who wouldn’t want to spend their day hunting for ancient Egyptian treasure, having a curse put on them and being solely responsible for waking up the half-rotten flesh of cursed mummies? There was no way this book wasn’t making the top 3!

Why do I Poo? ISBN 9781786373618

1. Why Do I Poo? (Why Do I…?)

Taking first place is perhaps the grossest book we have ever made. It’s stinky, brown and full of toilet humour – three things we love here at BookLife. Let’s face it, poo is fascinating and your kids won’t stop rating theirs after reading this book!

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