Snuggle Up with Your Favourite Book - World Book Day 2018

This World Book Day, our BookLife authors are taking a well-earned break and snuggling up with a delicious hot chocolate. As they take a step back from non-fiction, they reminisce about their most-loved children's books. Here are some of their favourites…

Madeline Tyler

Author of the Unlocking Ancient Civilisations and the upcoming All Year Round series

One of my favourite bedtime stories as a child was Owl Babies by Martin Waddell and Patrick Benson. Three little owls – Sarah, Percy and Bill – wake up in their tree all alone and without their mummy. They are very frightened and worry about where she might be. She eventually comes back, and the baby owls jump up and down because they’re so happy. My mum and dad used to read the story to my two younger brothers and I before bed. We liked to snuggle up under the duvet and pretend that we were Sarah, Percy and Bill. We’d feel safe, warm and cosy.


Maddie Tyler BookLife Publishing Author
Kirsty Holmes BookLife Publishing Author

Kirsty Holmes

Author of A Kid's Guide to Feelings, Computers and Coding and the Why Do I series

I never owned my own copy of The Jolly Postman, or Other People’s Letters. But that didn’t stop it being my favourite. I was always a little bit extra excited to go to my friend Gemma’s house because she had one of her own. It was always out of the local library, but on those brilliant, rare occasions it was in, I carried it the three miles home, holding it in my hands like a precious treasure. Folding and unfolding the letters, turning the little cards over and reading them again and again, returning it at the end of the week for someone else to enjoy; the memory of peeping into those little envelopes makes me smile even today. I’ll have to get a copy for my kids – if I let them share it, that is…

Holly Duhig

Author of the Life Cycles, World Cultures and Great Cultures, Great Ideas Series

When I was little, my favourite book was Mog and the V.E.T. by Judith Kerr. I made my parents read it so many times that, to this day, they can recite it off by heart! There was something about that naughty cat being so scared of the vet that she bit him and sent all the animals wild that I found incredibly funny. My parents would always read me Mog and the VET as a bedtime story. Books have always helped me relax before bed and even now I will often fall asleep with my face in a book!


Holly Duhig BookLife Publishing Author
Robin Twiddy BookLife Publishing Author

Robin Twiddy

The Newbie

Sleep-suit, fluffy socks and duvet wrapped around her, Maddie snuggles deep under my arm and awaits another reading of Beauty and the Beast. As each page is turned she eagerly tells me what is to come next. “Here is where Beauty’s Father takes the rose” or “this is when then she goes to the library.” No matter how many times she hears the story, it never fails to delight and soothe her. “… and beauty and the prince were married.” I read aloud, and she finishes “and they lived happily ever after.”



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