About BookLife Readers

The BookLife Readers begin with the very basics of phonetically decodable reading. Starting with the earliest step of CVC words - words comprising a consonant, a vowel and a consonant - and building on this combination slowly, the reader follows a prescribed format taken directly from the recognised Letters and Sounds educational document. By aligning our books with Letters and Sounds, we offer our readers a consistent approach to learning, whether at home or in the classroom. Books levelled as ‘a’ are an introduction to the band. Readers can advance to ‘b’ where graphemes are consolidated and further graphemes are introduced. The illustrations guide the reader, helping to deliver reading progression through the scheme in a colourful and exciting way. As a reader moves through the book band levels, the page numbers, level of repetition and sentence structure complexity all advance at a rate which encourages development without halting enjoyment.
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