Meet Matilda and Finlay

Matilda Match

Job: I'm part of the Match Funding team at BookLife!

Secret Superpower: Knowing everything! I am a fan of facts, thanks to all the great non-fiction books I like to read!

Favourite colour: Bright green! Did you know plants are green because of chlorophyll?

Favourite animal: Caterpillars! Did you know caterpillars have over 4,000 muscles?

Favourite books: Anything about space! Did you know that over one million Earths could fit into the Sun?

When I grow up: I want to be a superhero, just like my dad! He wears a suit to work every day, but I think that’s just his secret identity. Shh…!

Favourite Reading Spot: The BookLife Jungle Room! Everything in there is green, and it’s a perfect place to curl up with a book or a biscuit!

I love Match Funding because: Teachers can get twice as many books – so that means I can know twice as many fantastic facts!

Finlay Funding

Job: I'm part of the Match Funding team at BookLife!

Secret Superpower: My incredible imagination! I like to imagine faraway places and magical lands, thanks to all the fiction books I love to read!

Favourite colour: Pink! Pink is the colour of flowers, and unicorns! I like stories with unicorns in.

Favourite animal: I love llamas. I read a story about a llama farmer once…

Favourite books: I like stories – all stories! Scary, funny, exciting and adventurous, or even a mystery or science fiction! I love to imagine new stories!

When I grow up: I want to write stories! Thanks to all the books I’ve read, I have plenty of things to write about!

Favourite Reading Spot: The library. Where else can you find so many amazing books?

I love Match Funding because: Twice the books means twice the stories – and it’s always exciting to find a story I haven’t read yet!