What is Match Funding?

Match Funding is a scheme run by us here at BookLife to support and aid primary schools in the United Kingdom (UK). Budgets are stretched thin as pupil numbers grow, and funding is becoming scarce. It doesn’t look like the government will be making any changes soon.

We feel that a child’s education is vital, and nothing should interfere or impede it. That is why we are establishing a Match Funding scheme for 2018, whereby schools can easily double their resources to provide their pupils with the best learning material.

What's new in this Match Funding?

We have stocked our catalogue with a much wider variety to allow all schools across the United Kingdom reap he benefits of our Match Funding scheme. From Early Years to Secondary School books we have something for every school.

So what exactly is Match Funding?

Match Funding isn’t a government scheme. It is set up and funded by us here at BookLife in reaction to the neglect that UK schools receive from the government. That is why every penny you spend on books at BookLife will be matched by us. If you spend £100, we will give you £100 to spend on books, effectively doubling your resources. Who can say no to free books?

This sounds too good to be true, what's the catch?

There is no catch at all, and it is definitely true. If you buy books from us at BookLife, we will match what you spent with us. We are doing this to support the schools of the UK to ensure they have enough resources. 

How do I sign up for Match Funding?

There are three ways in which you can receive Match Funding, and they are:

1. Online

2. Phone

3. Email

Depending on how your school operates we have a method, so everyone can easily be part of Match Funding. If you are trying to use Match Funding on our online store then please use code MATCHFUNDP1 when checking out to ensure that you will receive your Match Funding. 

How many times can I or my school claim Match Funding?

There is no limit to how many times a school can use the Match Funding scheme.

What books are part of Match Funding?

We have a vast selection of over 400 resource packs for you to choose from. No book is off limits from our 2018 Match Funding catalogue or website.*

*Match Funding is valid for all products on the BookLife website apart from those in the Mystery Box, BookLife Publishing and the Children's Book Award category.