World Issues: Refugees (KS2)

ISBN: 9781786370242

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Series: World Issues

Why do people become refugees? How does it feel to be a refugee? How do refugees travel to a new home? This informative title answers all the big questions on refugees and helps children to understand this topical issue from a range of perspectives. Modern images and accessible text make each page engaging for young readers.



United Kingdom

Meeting the UK Curriculum

Subject: PSHE
Key Stage Level: KS2
Text Level (age): 7+
Book Band: Grey
BIC Code:  YQN
CBMC Code:  D5N79


International Baccalaureate

Meeting the International Baccalaureate

International Mindedness Global Content Local And Global Challenges Different Attitudes, Values And Dispositions
Six Trans-Disciplinary Themes Who We Are Where We Are In Place And Time How We Organise Ourselves Sharing The Planet
Six Subject Areas Social Studies Physical, Social and Personal Education


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Book Specification

Designer: Drue Rintoul
Series: World Issues
Book Format: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 32
Size: 250mm x 250mm
Age Range:  7+
Publisher:  BookLife Publishing