A Kid's Guide To Feelings: Feeling Jealous

ISBN: 9781786372727

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Series: A Kid's Guide To Feelings

Agents of F.E.E.L.S...GO!

Somewhere, some time ago, the Agents of F.E.E.L.S were formed. Working together to Feel Every Emotion Like Superheroes, our helpful heroes are here to assist YOU, the unsuspecting reader, understand the emotions that are trying to mess up YOUR day!



United Kingdom

Meeting the UK Curriculum

Subject: PSHE
Key Stage Level: KS1
Text Level (age): 5 - 7
Book Band: Turquoise
BIC Code:  YQN
CBMC Code:  B5M79


International Baccalaureate

Meeting the International Baccalaureate

International Mindedness
Six Trans-Disciplinary Themes Who We Are How We Express Ourselves
Six Subject Areas Physical, Social and Personal Education


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Book Specification

Designer: Danielle Rippengill
Series: A Kid's Guide To Feelings
Book Format: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 32
Size: 250mm x 250mm
Age Range:  5 - 7
Publisher:  BookLife Publishing