Ancient Greece (KS2)

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 Kit Contents:

10 Book Collection
Explore the Ancient Greeks and discover the structures they built, the battles they won and their daily lives. 

Child Size Steel Corinthian Helmet
A fun and exciting resource to guide discussions about battles and weaponry in Ancient Greece.  

4 Replica Ancient Greek Coins
This set of replica, pewter coins help to reflect on many aspects of life and culture in Ancient Greece. 

A Replica Ancient Greek Vase
Discuss life as an Ancient Greek with this beautifully decorated vase with scenes from daily life.

4 X A2 Posters
Including an Ancient Greek timeline and the Olympic games on new tear-free poster technology.

An Ancient Greece Photopack
Contains 10 A4 photocards
with questions.

Memory Stick
Includes digitalized, printable versions of the posters, photocards and activity worksheets. 

Resource Guide and Activity Worksheets
Consists of colourful activity worksheets that have been designed to meet a range of abilities.