CBA2019 Award Winners and Nominees KS1

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Santa Claus vs the Easter Bunny
ISBN: 9781783447640

Santa has it so easy: a workforce of elves to make the presents, a team of reindeer to deliver them, even a hi-spec factory! The Easter Bunny has to make and wrap all the chocolate eggs in his garden shed, and deliver them himself on foot. No wonder you often find them thrown all over the place in your garden! Now Bunny has had enough – he hatches a genius, chocolately plan with uneggspected results...

Mixed An Inspiring Story About Colour
ISBN: 9781509871346

The Blues, Reds and Yellows lived in harmony. Reds were the loudest, Yellows the brightest and Blues were the coolest. However when one of the colours proclaims they are the best, discord breaks out and eventually the colours decide to live in different parts of the city. Then one day a Yellow befriends a Blue and they become inseparable, discovering a world of different possibilities and colours.

Grandmas from Mars
ISBN: 9781408888766

Fred and Nell's parents are off to a meeting.
But first they tell Grandma, “Here's what they'll be eating.
It's school in the morning, they can't be up late.
So: homework, a bath – and in bed before eight.”

But, hang on, there's something not quite right about Fred and Nell's grandma. In fact, she acting very strangely indeed. And is that a spare eyeball? A tail? A striped tongue? That's NOT their grandma, it's an alien . . . RUUUUUUNNN!

The Wondrous Dinosaurium
ISBN: 9781848863231

Danny wants a new pet but he doesn't want a boring pet. He wants a dinosaur! Luckily, The Wondrous Dinosaurium has just opened in town and its proprietor Mr Ree is more than happy to help. But it turns out that dinosaurs don't make the most practical of pets!

Not My Hats
ISBN: 9781848863248

Hettie loves hats. She has tall hats, small hats, any size at all hats, round hats, pointy hats, fancy hoity toity hats… but she will NEVER, EVER share them! Will Puffin ever find something to warm his noggin?

Tropical Terry
ISBN: 9781406378627

Coral Reef City is home to the most dazzling shoals of tropical fish in ALL the ocean. And then there is Terry. Terry looks grey. Terry feels dull. And although he is the best at playing "Hide A Fish", he can't help but wonder: Just what would it feel like to be part of that dashing, flashing crew? So, with the help of his friends, he fashions a flashy costume and is ready to impress... “Hello-o-o everybody! Just call me TROPICAL Terry!” But will life as a tropical fish be everything he always dreamed of?

The Woollies Follow the Footprints
ISBN: 9780192747846

When Baby Woolly sees some unfamiliar footprints on the path, he decides to follow them with Zip. It's just the start of a really big adventure full of imagination and awesome contraptions.

The Case of the Red-Bottomed Robber
ISBN: 9780192749772

Someone is stealing the chalks' lovely drawings. But he leaves some dust at the scene of the crime and only one suspect has a dusty red bottom! Sergeant Blue is quick to solve the investigation and bring the case to a happy conclusion for all!

Lionel and the Lion's Share
ISBN: 9781788000932

Lionel the lion does NOT like to share. After all, lions always get the lion’s share. He buys all the best instruments from the music shop, all the smartest hats from the hat shop and all the brightest balloons from the balloon stall. But at Chloe’s birthday party Lionel goes too far and eats ALL the cake. That’s when Lionel’s friends decide that something has to be done . . .

The Last Chip The Story of a Very Hungry Pigeon
ISBN: 9781783700622

Percy is a little pigeon, and he's very hungry. Every time he tries to get hold of a scrap of food, bigger, beefier birds bat him away. He's about to give up when someone offers him her very last chip.


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