Evolution and Adaptation (KS2)

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 Kit Contents:

10 Book Collection
This brilliant selection of books details the lives of different animals, how they have adapted to their habitats and variation between breeds.

Class Set of Fossils
11 different fossil samples stored in a handy tray. Including coral, ammonite, brachiopod, bivalve, trilobite and sharks tooth.

Fossil Flash Cards
Discover important fossil facts with this fantastic collection of flash cards.

4 A2 Posters

Why has the giraffe got a long neck and who was Charles Darwin? Find out on new tear-free poster technology.

Evolution and Adaptation Photopack
Contains 10 A4 photocards with additional questions.

Memory Stick
Includes digitalized, printable versions of the posters, photocards and activity worksheets.

Resource Guide and Activity Worksheets
Consists of colourful activity worksheets that have been designed to meet a range of abilities.