Mapping My World: Map My Country

ISBN: 9781786373212

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Series: Mapping My World

Feeling lost when it comes to maps? With this fun and informative series, you’ll soon know exactly where you are when it comes to maps and mapping! What is a map? What are maps used for? How do you read a map? Find your way to the answers and take a journey into mapping as you learn how to make your own maps of everything from your school, your town, your country – even the whole world!



United Kingdom

Meeting the UK Curriculum

Subject: Geography
Key Stage Level: KS1
Text Level (age): 5 - 7
Book Band: Purple
BIC Code:  YQG
CBMC Code:  B5N79


International Baccalaureate

Meeting the International Baccalaureate

International Mindedness Global Content
Six Trans-Disciplinary Themes Where We Are In Place and Time How We Organise Ourselves
Six Subject Areas Social Studies


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Book Specification

Designer: Matt Rumbelow
Series: Mapping My World
Book Format: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 24
Size: 250mm x 250mm
Age Range:  5 - 7