The Vikings KS2 (10 books)

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This collection includes the following titles:

Dirty Rotten Vikings
ISBN: 9781783252084

Vikings (Discover Ancient Civilisations Series)
ISBN: 9781910512265

Vikings (Discover Through Craft Series)
ISBN: 9781445150796

Viking and Anglo-Saxon Struggle For England (Early British History Series)
ISBN: 9781406291148

Vikings (Edge Books : History Hunters Series)
ISBN: 9781474726870

Vikings (Exploring British History Series)
ISBN: 9781786370754

Vikings (Project History Series)
ISBN: 9781445119151

Saga of Leif Eriksson (The Viking Codex Series)
ISBN: 9781906370619

Vikings in Britain (Tracking Down Series)
ISBN: 9781445116617

Rough, Stormy Age of Vikings (Fact Finders Series)
ISBN: 9781474719636