Unlocking Ancient Civilisations 4 Book collection KS2 and KS3

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Reading Age

10 - 13
Years Old



The Indus Valley

The Indus Valley is one of ancient history’s most mysterious and little-known civilisations. This title explores what is known about this area of India and Pakistan, discovering how they built grid systems, invented modern plumbing and traded with their neighbours in this fascinating title.

The Ancient Incas

Among the Andes mountains, discover the ancient civilisation of the Incas. From the breathtaking Machu Picchu to the simple lives of farmers, explore the roads and bridges, mummies and treasures of this fascinating and rich civilisation.

Ancient Mesopotamia

Explore the mysterious land which lay between two rivers of the ancient world. Ancient Mesopotamia – Assyria, Sumer and Babylonia – is rich in it’s fascinating and mysterious history. Learn about the religion, language and culture of this ancient land in this engaging and in-depth title.

The Ancient Maya

The ancient Maya were one of history’s most fascinating civilisations. Explore this ancient Central American society; the breathtaking pyramids of El Castillo, religion and sacrifice in Mayan society, and the eventual arrival of the Spanish in this fascinating and thrilling title.

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