What are Book Bands?

Book Bands are a proven approach to developing successful readers. The Book Band system helps schools to carefully grade their books by difficulty level. Most reading scheme books are given a Book Band colour by their publisher, which will be based on the book’s level of difficulty. BookLife has an expert Book Banding service that can band books that have not already been assigned a colour from their publisher.

A Book Band reading scheme provides a comprehensive structure for teachers and parents, which helps them to follow each child’s reading development, whilst accommodating a whole-school reading programme.

Book Bands at BookLife

Every Book Banded title has been assessed and graded by our Book Band specialists from the simplest format of Lilac, to the most complex text features of Black. Our books have been specifically chosen to cover a wide range of reading abilities, including high-interest themes, a diversity of genres and imaginative characters to encourage all pupils to develop a love of reading. BookLife’s grading service also compliments existing reading schemes, so teachers can be confident that our Book Banded books will fit their current schemes.

All of our Book Band Collections have FREE band colour stickers already on them, meaning that they are ready to use straight out of the box.


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